Sunday, January 18, 2009

i miss the hungry years

i have not written a single new story since 2005. and that last story was "My One Boobed Mamma", which was accepted for traditional publishing by Living Waters in the USA last Dec. 23, 2007, and finally published last October 2008.

i have not written a single new story since 2005. all i did was do other writing-related stuff: create my website, do research on several story ideas and make notes but they just remain notes until now, become a member of SCBWI, bought the 2008 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market for study (but which I haven't done so seriously and consistently until now), accept invitations to talk, present, storytell, be interviewed for newspapers and tv shows, assist my publishers in the marketing requirements of my books... all the business and networking and marketing and educational stuff, really, except the one thing that a writer does-- write.

all my stories so far published were written in those hungry years of 2003-2005, when i had just newly left my marriage, battling annulment and financial struggles, as well as work struggles chairing a department of students whom nobody else believed in but whom i was determined to build up and prove our detractors wrong, and riding on the rollercoaster of my crazy love (more like lust) lives then.

and amidst all these, i managed to write. four full-blown stories, 2 of which were nationally-awarded, 1 published internationally, and the remaining one still looking for its home but which already got the glowing review (and permission to print his review when the book is published) of the foremost peace resarcher and activist in the world-- Johan Galtung.

so, being busy now, in a good way at that, with all the fame and popularity and even little fortune, is no excuse not to write.

a writer writes, or she isn't a writer at all.

so this month alone, i've started giving notices to all my other commitments that i am ending my work with them soon, and have become more selective about the invitations i accept. i'm also blocking off my weeknights and weekends now for being with and doing the only things that matter to me most: taking the best care of my children and my self (and B)--which includes learning how to cook healthily and deliciously... and writing.

i'm going back to my hungry years.

this soul hunger demands to be fed.


Thea said...

yay. :)

Bugsy said...

How ironic ... my "hungry years" were also my best, most productive years. :)